Saturday, 28 April 2012

What to my hard time???

Well. We all know that life is full of ups and downs.
Bear in mind, it is easier to go down a hill than up, But the view is from the top!

And it's just all depends on how you overcome the hardships. Life is not a bed of roses after all.

Good quotes are often powerful words of wisdom that inspire, educate and even motivate a person to take action. The fact is, IT WORKS ON ME!

Here, you should have a bowl of chicken soup to sore your soul,dear!

When you have done some terrible mistakes and lost hope on something, remember that:

Don't let the past define who you are today, rather, use it to create who you want to be tomorrow.

When you endure a huge pressure and burden on you (Ex:Never ended assignments!!!)

A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.

Your life is like a go through changes before you become something beautiful. 

Remember, if life gives you lemon, make lemonade.

I believe you have already figure out what to do when you're going through the downs in your life. Good luck with that!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The place I want to visit, 한국!

Korea !!!
I bet what come across your mind right now is, 
" Ohh,she's a K-pop-holic! " 
Ohh dear! Please don't misunderstand. This is because my 13 years best friend, the JPA scholar, has just gone there 2 months ago to pursue her studies. And I had promised to pay her a visit in the next 5 years :)
Lucky me because I got free tourism guide and accommodation!
 It's 2 in 1 indeed!:)
Okay. Let's plan the places that I would like to visit when I get there.

#1 Bukchon Hanok Village
Bukchon Hanok Villag...
Bukchon Hanok Village is home to hundreds of traditional houses called 'hanok' that date back to the Joseon Dynasty. The name, 'Bukchon,' which literally translates to 'northern village'. Today, many of these hanoks operate as cultural centers, guesthouses, restaurants and tea houses.
Therefore, it provides me an opportunity to experience, learn and immerse in Korean traditional culture.

#2 Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market, located in the very center of Seoul, is the biggest traditional market in Korea selling children's clothing, men & women's clothing, daily miscellaneous goods, kitchenware and local and imported products.  Visitors can purchase various shopping items at extremely inexpensive prices. 
Haha! That's the reason why I wish to visit the market. So that I can buy a lot of unique souvenirs with affordable prices for my family and friends.  

#3 Lotte World
Lotte World is a theme park located in Jamsil, Seoul. In the evening, the park turns into a fairy tale-like place where rides and buildings of Middle Age European style are illuminated with LED lights. 
Fabulous shows and events including a laser show and music performances are organised. 
That's just an awesome place to have fun and take beautiful pictures! Have your memorable moments with your loves one at there!

At last... Don't forget to pray hard for me dear, so that my dream can comes true! I won't forget your souvenir when I get back! Teehee!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My hobby

Well, talking of my hobbies, there's too much to be said. Eating, sleeping, daydreaming... Urgh.Out of topic. Okay, actually I like reading novels, listening to music and playing piano during my leisure time. I would pick on reading novels as the one to share with you all here.

Reading Novels

I love reading since I was small. I think this is most probably because my parents always encourage me to read newspapers and story books for the past 19 years. Since childhood, they give me full support by taking me and my siblings to the library every weekends,read me bedtime stories and rewards me with my favourite story books when getting good results. 

Dan Brown's books
My favourite novel author is Dan Brown. He is the author of numerous #1 bestselling novels, including  The Da Vinci Code, which has become one of the best selling novels of all time. In 2005, Brown was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIME Magazine.

Maybe you'll wonder the reason why I am so obsessed with his novels? 

Well, it's simply because all the 5 Dan Brown books have a mystery which is set in around a 24 hour time frame. The books are fast paced with a twist and turn after every page or so. That makes me stay on the chair for a several hours, just to finish it as soon as possible. It's just too fascinating and exciting!
 So, what are you waiting for? Let's get start and grab one of his novel! You will eventually understand what I meant!:)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Event happened at KIC

Chinese New Year!

There were a lot of events which had held in my college since semester 1. Ranging from Hari Merdeka Raya, Sambutan Hari Deepavali, English language month and so on. I had certainly learned a lots from those past events. For instance, other's races unique cultures and customs. 
Here, I would like to tell you about the event of Chinese New Year, which is my favourite!:) This is because I feel so proud as I can contribute to my class, A4 in the event. But most importantly, I can share the unique traditions and experiences of the Lunar New Year with my different races friends. I felt so glad as my classmates appreciated the event so much and showed interests!
All the classes were competed in various competitions, such as decorating the class, peeling of mandarin oranges, calligraphy, lantern making and quiz. We were extremely overwhelmed when my class was announced as the CHAMPION of the Chinese New Year event! Yet, I know that the happiness which comes from the bottom of my heart is not only because of winning the champion, but the PERFECT teamwork and cooperation of all my classmates. I am so proud of you, Shellians!

The awesome decorations of my class, A4 which get a lots of compliments from lecturers:)

 The thrilling awesome Shellians!:)

My coolest deskmates+groupmates !

Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Favourite Food

Cakes...After all.

I use the word “favourite” too often. But this time I think I mean it when it comes to my favourite food, cake! Passion + Creativity * Deliciousness = A slice of HEAVEN!!!
I just love all kind of cakes.Cupcakes, sponge cakes, cheese cakes, swiss roll cakes, ice cream cakes... Hold on, is doughnut counted too?
I just cannot resist all those lovable and delicious cakes though I am on diet as I'm getting fatter! The type of cake that I like the most is German black forest cake(rich of dark chocolate frosting! ) and Italian tiramisu comes a close second :) Not to mention the Secret Recipe's American brownie!

Besides that, I love decorating cakes too! I always admire those incredible pastry chefs who can bake beautiful cakes. However, I feel guilty when I am about to eat a really nicely decorated cake.I feel as though I'm eating someones artwork!

Tea time people! Here's a recipe of baking a tiramisu cake. Hope you will enjoy it!


(Source: Cook’s Illustrated November & December 2007 issue)
1-1/2 Tablespoons instant espresso granules9 tablespoons dark rum [I substituted Kahlua and cut the amount down to 4-1/2 tablespoons]6 large egg yolks2/3 cup sugar1/4 teaspoon table salt1-1/2 pounds mascarpone3/4 cup cold heavy cream14 ounces (42 to 60, depending on size) dried ladyfingers (savoiardi)3-1/2 Tablespoons cocoa, preferably Dutch-processed1/4 cup grated semisweet or bittersweet chocolate (optional) [I omitted this]
2-1/2 cups strong brewed coffee, room temperature

1. Stir coffee, espresso, and 5 tablespoons rum [2-1/2 tablespoons Kahlua] in a wide bowl or baking dish until espresso dissolves; set aside.
2. In bowl of standing mixer fitted with whisk attachment, beat yolks at low speed until just combined. Add sugar and salt and beat at medium-high speed until pale yellow, 1-1/2 to 2 minutes, scraping down bowl with rubber spatula once or twice. Add remaining 4 tablespoons rum . Add mascarpone and beat . Transfer mixture to large bowl and set aside.
3. Beat cream at medium speed until frothy, 1 to 1-1/2 minutes..Using rubber spatula, fold one-third of whipped cream into mascarpone mixture to lighten.
4. Working one at a time, drop half of ladyfingers into coffee mixture, roll, remove and transfer to 13 by 9-inch glass or ceramic baking dish. Arrange soaked cookies in single layer in baking dish.
5. Spread half of mascarpone mixture over ladyfingers. Place 2 tablespoons cocoa in fine-mesh strainer and dust cocoa over mascarpone.
6. Wipe edges of dish with dry paper towel. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 6 to 24 hours. Sprnkle with grated chocolate, if using; cut into pieces and serve chilled.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

My Favourite Artist

Cartoon Pictures

Lee Hom! I heart you :)

Leehom Wang is my childhood favourite artist since I was at primary school!He is very talented and has amazing voice. And most importantly, he is just so handsome that it makes his music so much more great.

  • Name: 王力宏 / Wang Li Hong
  • English Name: Leehom Wang
  • Also known as: Wang Lee Hom (Leehom), Wong Lik Wang, Alexander Wang
  • Birth name: Alexander Lee-Hom Wang
  • Birth date: 1976-May-17
  • Birthplace: Rochester, New York, USA
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Star sign: Taurus
  • Blood type: O

He is well known for being able to play more than 10 instruments. He can play violin, piano, drums, guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, flutes and chinese instruments like er hu, gu zheng, zhong ruan, etc. 

Here is a music video of LeeHom. Hope you will enjoy it and click a 'like' for him!:)

Chapter 1~ *Official Introduction*

Hello! I'm Jun here. I study at Kirkby International College currently. I am a Shellian from A4 <3 ! I never thought that I will own a blog  simply because I'm too lazy to update posts and decorate my blog. Honestly,  I'm really dumb when i come across to anything related to computer!(P/S: My tablemates already know that for ages!)  Cartoon PicturesConsider me as a 'computer idiot'. But I really can't help with that. By the way, I have never thought of BLOG will become one of my ICT assignments in my college's life. All my batchmates were overwhelmed, as for them, this is the most hardest easiest assignment in the world. In the situation of no others option, eventually, I have to become a newbie blogger!Hard works paid.Cartoon Pictures My first thought had totally changed! Blog is just too fun!  Now,I am working hard to improve my blog!Cartoon Pictures Thanks Pn. Normajan for the assignment!:)

End of the chapter,