Monday, 23 April 2012

Event happened at KIC

Chinese New Year!

There were a lot of events which had held in my college since semester 1. Ranging from Hari Merdeka Raya, Sambutan Hari Deepavali, English language month and so on. I had certainly learned a lots from those past events. For instance, other's races unique cultures and customs. 
Here, I would like to tell you about the event of Chinese New Year, which is my favourite!:) This is because I feel so proud as I can contribute to my class, A4 in the event. But most importantly, I can share the unique traditions and experiences of the Lunar New Year with my different races friends. I felt so glad as my classmates appreciated the event so much and showed interests!
All the classes were competed in various competitions, such as decorating the class, peeling of mandarin oranges, calligraphy, lantern making and quiz. We were extremely overwhelmed when my class was announced as the CHAMPION of the Chinese New Year event! Yet, I know that the happiness which comes from the bottom of my heart is not only because of winning the champion, but the PERFECT teamwork and cooperation of all my classmates. I am so proud of you, Shellians!

The awesome decorations of my class, A4 which get a lots of compliments from lecturers:)

 The thrilling awesome Shellians!:)

My coolest deskmates+groupmates !

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