Saturday, 21 April 2012

Chapter 1~ *Official Introduction*

Hello! I'm Jun here. I study at Kirkby International College currently. I am a Shellian from A4 <3 ! I never thought that I will own a blog  simply because I'm too lazy to update posts and decorate my blog. Honestly,  I'm really dumb when i come across to anything related to computer!(P/S: My tablemates already know that for ages!)  Cartoon PicturesConsider me as a 'computer idiot'. But I really can't help with that. By the way, I have never thought of BLOG will become one of my ICT assignments in my college's life. All my batchmates were overwhelmed, as for them, this is the most hardest easiest assignment in the world. In the situation of no others option, eventually, I have to become a newbie blogger!Hard works paid.Cartoon Pictures My first thought had totally changed! Blog is just too fun!  Now,I am working hard to improve my blog!Cartoon Pictures Thanks Pn. Normajan for the assignment!:)

End of the chapter,


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